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Join One Voice on a musical journey honoring winter holiday traditions from across the globe: Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Pagan Solstice, Christmas, Diwali (the Hindu Festival of Lights), Mawlid an-Nabi (Sufi birth of Mohammed), Dr. Martin Luther King Day and New Year’s. A Midnight Queer is sure to warm your heart as we celebrate this season of light and darkness. – Jane Ramseyer Miller
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A Midnight Queer
One Voice Mixed Chorus
Mindy Eschedor - Piano
Jane Ramseyer Miller - Artistic Director
Kristen Schweiloch - Soloist
Jay Kurvers - Soloist
Stephen Schacht - Soloist
Saylem Olberg - Soloist
Michael Gruber - Soloist
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Jingle Bells Hallelujah Chorus01.James Lord Pierpont , George Frederick Handel (Arr. Jonathan Miller): Jingle Bells Hallelujah Chorus   3:37
You’re Home for the Holidays02.Scott Henderson (Arr. Jim Grady): You’re Home for the Holidays   3:28
Deck the Halls, in 7/803.Traditional (Arr. James McKelvy): Deck the Halls, in 7/8   1:31
Seven Principles04.Bernice Johnson Reagon: Seven Principles   2:08
Ocho Kandelikas05.Flory Jagoda (Arr. Jay Kawarsky): Ocho Kandelikas   3:06
With: Kristen Schweiloch - Soloist
Run, Toboggan, Run06.Abbie Burt Betinis: Run, Toboggan, Run   1:48
With: OVation
Night of Silence07.Daniel Kantor: Night of Silence   4:54
Y’mei Chanukah08.Traditional (Arr. Steve Barnett): Y’mei Chanukah   2:21
The Sleigh09.Richard Kountz: The Sleigh   1:33
Zikr10.A.R. Rahman (Arr. Ethan Sperry): Zikr   4:05
With: Jay Kurvers - Soloist, Stephen Schacht - Soloist
The Birthday Party11.Peter Mayer (Arr. J. David Ostenso Moore): The Birthday Party   5:12
Hiney Mah Tov12.Traditional (Arr. Iris Levine): Hiney Mah Tov   1:45
Be Careful, Don’t Tear the Paper13.Traditional (Arr. J. David Ostenso Moore): Be Careful, Don’t Tear the Paper   1:20
Shed a Little Light14.James Taylor: Shed a Little Light   4:07
Auld Lang Syne15.Traditional (Arr. Mark Sirett): Auld Lang Syne   4:45
With: Saylem Olberg - Soloist
Music Makers, Dreamers of Dreams16.Christopher Aspaas, Arthur O’Shaughnessy, Walt Whitman: Music Makers, Dreamers of Dreams   4:02
With: Michael Gruber - Soloist
Total Playing Time: 49:42