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Described by Wynton Marsalis as The High Priest of Bach, and by Time Magazine as The High Priest of the Harpsichord, Newman continues his 50 year career as America's leading organist, harpsichordist and Bach specialist. No less prodigious a composer, his output includes 4 symphonies, 4 concerti, 3 large choral works, 2 operas: Nicole, and Massacre, 3 CDs of piano music, and a large assortment of chamber, organ and guitar works.
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Ittzés Plays Newman: Complete Works for Flute
Anthony Newman -  Composer, Piano
Gergely Ittzes - Flute
Ferenc Erkel Chamber Orchestra
Tetraversi Flute Quartet
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Concerto for Flute and Chamber Orchestra by Anthony Newman
Allegro01.I. Allegro   11:33
With: Ferenc Erkel Chamber Orchestra
Cortege02.II. Cortege   6:23
With: Ferenc Erkel Chamber Orchestra
Rondo Finale03.III. Rondo Finale   8:04
With: Ferenc Erkel Chamber Orchestra
Suite for Flute and Piano by Anthony Newman
Prelude04.I. Prelude   1:30
Fugue05.II. Fugue   3:19
Point de Pedale06.III. Point de Pedale   2:48
Introduction + Toccata07.IV. Introduction + Toccata   7:12
Partita for Solo Flute by Anthony Newman
Prelude08.I. Prelude   1:42
Courante09.II. Courante   2:47
Sarabande with Doubles10.III. Sarabande with Doubles   2:17
Siciliano11.IV. Siciliano   1:51
Gigue12.V. Gigue   3:00
Fugue13.VI. Fugue   2:02
Sonata for Flute and Piano by Anthony Newman
Prelude14.I. Prelude   3:34
Adagio lacrimae15.II. Adagio lacrimae   2:21
Fugue16.III. Fugue   4:17
Variations on Ein Feste Burg for Four Flutes by Anthony Newman
Theme17.I. Theme   1:02
With: Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Variation 118.II. Variation 1   0:38
Variation 219.III. Variation 2   0:28
With: Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Variation 320.IV. Variation 3   0:41
With: Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Variation 421.V. Variation 4   0:46
With: Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Variation 522.VI. Variation 5   1:04
With: Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Variation 623.VII. Variation 6   2:54
With: Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Variation 724.VIII. Variation 7   1:36
Variation 825.IX. Variation 8   0:25
With: Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Variation 926.X. Variation 9   0:36
With: Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Fugue27.XI. Fugue   4:06
With: Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Total Playing Time: 1:18:56