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Described by Wynton Marsalis as The High Priest of Bach, and by Time Magazine as The High Priest of the Harpsichord, Newman continues his 50 year career as America's leading organist, harpsichordist and Bach specialist. No less prodigious a composer, his output includes 4 symphonies, 4 concerti, 3 large choral works, 2 operas: Nicole, and Massacre, 3 CDs of piano music, and a large assortment of chamber, organ and guitar works.
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The Complete Organ Works of Anthony Newman
Anthony Newman -  Organ, Composer
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Prelude in C Major01.Prelude in C Major   5:54
Triple Fugue02.Triple Fugue   3:11
Fanfare in D Major03.Fanfare in D Major   2:23
Fugue in D Major04.Fugue in D Major   4:37
Dr Martin Luther King Jr05.Dr Martin Luther King Jr from March   2:06
Albert Einstein06.Albert Einstein from Vivace   4:23
Prelude in E-Flat Major07.Prelude in E-Flat Major   3:40
Fugue in E-Flat Major08.Fugue in E-Flat Major   2:59
Prelude in E Major09.Prelude in E Major   3:03
Fantasia in E Major10.Fantasia in E Major   5:10
Sonata No. 1 by Anthony Newman
Allegro deciso11.I. Allegro deciso   4:59
Entracte12.II. Entracte   1:30
Fantasia in F Major13.Fantasia in F Major   4:45
Fugue in F Major14.Fugue in F Major   5:24
Fugue15.Fugue from Trio   4:45
Homage to Stravinsky by Anthony Newman
Movement I16.I. Movement I   8:06
Movement II17.II. Movement II   2:32
Prelude in G Major18.Prelude in G Major   2:13
Fugue in G Major19.Fugue in G Major   3:31
Toccata20.Toccata from The Chariot   2:08
Fugue21.Fugue from Wheel of Fortune   3:28
Prelude in G-Sharp Major22.Prelude in G-Sharp Major   2:27
Prelude in A Major23.Prelude in A Major   3:18
Fugue in A Major24.Fugue in A Major   4:50
Flute by Anthony Newman
Prelude25.I. Prelude   3:33
Fugue26.II. Fugue   4:17
Toccata On B-A-C-H27.Toccata On B-A-C-H   2:51
Fugue On B-A-C-H28.Fugue On B-A-C-H   5:45
Abraham Lincoln29.Abraham Lincoln from Allegro   2:49
Toccata and Fugue in B Minor30.Toccata and Fugue in B Minor   8:30
Symphony No. 1 by Anthony Newman
Allegro deciso31.I. Allegro deciso   6:28
Largo Mesto32.II. Largo Mesto   6:46
Variations on Battle Hymn33.III. Variations on Battle Hymn   9:36
Symphony No. 2 by Anthony Newman
Vivace34.I. Vivace   5:58
Adagio-Presto-Adagio35.II. Adagio-Presto-Adagio   5:59
Adagio from Concerto for Violin36.Adagio from Concerto for Violin   7:31
Toccata I37.Toccata I   6:35
Symphony No. 3 by Anthony Newman
Giocoso38.I. Giocoso   3:26
Totentanz39.II. Totentanz   3:14
Largo40.III. Largo   3:28
Mother Teresa41.Mother Teresa from Largo   3:30
Toccata II42.Toccata II   3:08
Fantasia on Stravinsky's Oedipus Rex43.Fantasia on Stravinsky's Oedipus Rex   8:57
J.S. Bach44.J.S. Bach from Fugue   5:42
Total Playing Time: 3:19:25