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Virtuoso neo-classical piano works composed and performed by American keyboard master Anthony Newman.
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Nine Sonatas for Piano Solo: 1987 to the Present Day
Anthony Newman -  Piano, Composer
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Sonata No. 6 by Anthony Newman
Theme and 12 Variations01.I. Theme and 12 Variations   14:45
Romance02.II. Romance   2:52
Fantasia on Stravinsky's 'Babel'03.III. Fantasia on Stravinsky's 'Babel'   4:34
Sonata of the Americas by Anthony Newman
Allegro maestoso04.I. Allegro maestoso   7:05
Largo05.II. Largo   4:41
Variations on 'Battle Hymn of the Republic'06.III. Variations on 'Battle Hymn of the Republic'   8:18
Portrait Sonata by Anthony Newman
Debussy07.I. Debussy   5:47
Stravinsky08.II. Stravinsky   2:36
Beethoven09.III. Beethoven   3:40
Mozart10.IV. Mozart   5:24
Partita for Harpsichord by Anthony Newman
Fantasia11.I. Fantasia   2:53
Allemande12.II. Allemande   2:42
Courante13.III. Courante   2:15
Sarabande14.IV. Sarabande   2:14
Gigue15.V. Gigue   5:00
Sonata on the Elements by Anthony Newman
Water16.I. Water   7:26
Earth17.II. Earth   2:45
Air and Fire18.III. Air and Fire   6:26
Variations on B-A-C-H by Anthony Newman
Var. 1-619.I. Var. 1-6   5:05
Var. 7-1120.II. Var. 7-11   4:47
Var. 12-1921.III. Var. 12-19   5:30
Var. 20-2722.IV. Var. 20-27   4:15
Var. 28-2923.V. Var. 28-29   1:41
Var. 3024.VI. Var. 30   5:14
Sonata No. 7 by Anthony Newman
Requiem25.I. Requiem   4:52
Adagio Celeste26.II. Adagio Celeste   2:34
Fugue on B-A-C-H27.III. Fugue on B-A-C-H   4:42
Sonata No. 8 by Anthony Newman
Litanies28.I. Litanies   3:58
Passascaglia29.II. Passascaglia   2:43
Variations on 'My Country 'tis of Thee'30.III. Variations on 'My Country 'tis of Thee'   4:25
Sonata No. 9 by Anthony Newman
Tango31.I. Tango   3:45
Poco Adagio32.II. Poco Adagio   4:19
'Hammer Klavier' Fugue33.III. 'Hammer Klavier' Fugue   5:28
Total Playing Time: 2:34:41