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Christopher Creviston
Hannah Creviston - piano
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John Fitz Rogers: Breaking
Break Open01.I. Break Open   1:48
Break With02.II. Break With   2:30
Break In03.III. Break In   1:01
Break Into04.IV. Break Into   1:51
Break Off05.V. Break Off   0:40
Break Down06.VI. Break Down   2:48
Break Up07.VII. Break Up   1:11
Break Free08.VIII. Break Free   1:56
Break Through09.IX. Break Through   2:21
Break Away10.X. Break Away   2:03
Katherine Hoover: Ayres Based on songs of John Dowland
Can She Excuse My Wrongs11.I. Can She Excuse My Wrongs   2:57
Weep No More Sad Fountains12.II. Weep No More Sad Fountains   8:09
Fine Knacks for Ladies13.III. Fine Knacks for Ladies   2:24
Mark Lanz Weiser: Flash
Blink14.I. Blink   2:14
Sparkle15.II. Sparkle   3:51
Blaze16.III. Blaze   3:54
Shimmer17.IV. Shimmer   7:23
High Velocity18.Mark Lanz Weiser: High Velocity   6:26
Stacy Garrop: Pieces of Sanity
Rage19.I. Rage   1:47
Despair20.II. Despair   2:11
Euphoria21.III. Euphoria   1:56
Possessed22.IV. Possessed   1:38
Stoic23.V. Stoic   3:50
Total Playing Time: 1:06:49