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“Masterful Clarinet! Luca is a noted Italian clarinettist and composer who now makes his home in London, having developed an enviable reputation as an instrumental virtuoso around the UK and overseas via recordings and concert hall appearances” (The Musician, 2008)

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Luca Luciano -  Clarinet
Duo Lucatelle-Bartoloni - Piano and Guitar
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Homage to Puccini01.Luca Luciano: Homage to Puccini   2:08
Lied for Clarinet Solo02.Luciano Berio: Lied for Clarinet Solo   4:32
Divertimento No. 1303.Luca Luciano: Divertimento No. 13   2:33
Fantasia for Demi-Clarinets04.Luca Luciano: Fantasia for Demi-Clarinets   3:43
Homage to Poulenc05.Luca Luciano: Homage to Poulenc   2:01
Fragment No. 606.Luca Luciano: Fragment No. 6   3:31
Divertimento No. 1107.Luca Luciano: Divertimento No. 11   2:58
Study on Quarter-Tones08.Luca Luciano: Study on Quarter-Tones   1:13
Study on Microtonal Trills & Tremolos09.Luca Luciano: Study on Microtonal Trills & Tremolos   1:21
Mosquito10.Luca Luciano: Mosquito   0:57
Impromptu Variations on Stravinsky's 'Three Pieces'11.Luca Luciano: Impromptu Variations on Stravinsky's 'Three Pieces'   5:18
Divertimento No. 1212.Luca Luciano: Divertimento No. 12   1:29
Two Miniatures for Guitar and Piano13.Luca Luciano: Two Miniatures for Guitar and Piano   2:04
With: Duo Lucatelle-Bartoloni - Piano and Guitar
Total Playing Time: 33:48