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Compositions by Ernesto Nazareth, arranged for classical guitar by Sergio Assad and performed by Marc Teicholz. {Teicholz is] 'both technically gifted and musical to the core' -Los Angeles Times
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Celestial: The Music of Ernesto Nazareth
Marc Teicholz
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Brejeiro01.Brejeiro   2:48
Eponima02.Eponima   5:01
Sarambeque03.Sarambeque   3:12
Turbilhao de Beijos04.Turbilhao de Beijos   5:08
Ensimesmado05.Ensimesmado   2:57
Tango Habanera06.Tango Habanera   2:48
Mandinga07.Mandinga   2:10
Celestial08.Celestial   4:08
Feitiço09.Feitiço   2:22
Confidencias10.Confidencias   4:23
Batuque11.Batuque   4:34
Expansiva12.Expansiva   3:59
Pinguim13.Pinguim   3:24
Tenebroso14.Tenebroso   4:02
Escorregando15.Escorregando   2:33
Elegantissima16.Elegantissima   4:55
Total Playing Time: 58:24