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DeLio’s interest in creating contexts in which to experience sound and text anew is brilliantly realized in the 15 works presented on this CD. In addition to stellar performances by highly respected performers and ensembles, the compositions on this disc vividly bring to life the poetry of Stéfane Mallarmé and P. Inman.

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Thomas DeLio: Selected Compositions (1986-2017)
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Trois visages by Thomas DeLio
et avant01.I. et avant   7:42
et absence02.II. et absence   7:01
qu'un espace03.III. qu'un espace   5:45
limn 104.limn 1   1:44
by parch reading05.by parch reading   6:59
limn 206.limn 2   1:44
wave / s07.wave / s   6:11
limn 308.limn 3   1:44
Spüren by Thomas DeLio
-I09.I. -I   1:35
-210.II. -2   1:49
limn 411.limn 4   1:45
Sherds12.Sherds   2:23
limn 513.limn 5   1:45
decker14.decker   8:32
limn 615.limn 6   1:44
-I16.-I from Against the silence...   8:14
-II17.-II from Against the silence... Movement II   12:11
Total Playing Time: 1:18:48