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John Ebinger performs the Double Bass works of Frank Proto, 'a serious composer of substantial invention', with Roy Hakes on piano.
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Double Bass Music of Frank Proto
John Ebinger -  Bass
Roy Hakes - Piano
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Sonata 1963 for Double Bass & Piano by Frank Proto
Slow and Peaceful01.I. Slow and Peaceful   2:26
Swing02.II. Swing   3:10
Molto Adagio03.III. Molto Adagio   3:58
Allegro Energico04.IV. Allegro Energico   3:30
Four Rogues, a Mystery for Double Bass & Piano by Frank Proto
Calm05.I. Calm   3:25
Agitato06.II. Agitato   3:18
Rogues, a Mystery for Double Bass & Piano by Frank Proto
Freely07.I. Freely   5:28
Allegro Agitato08.II. Allegro Agitato   4:16
Epilogue - Calm09.III. Epilogue - Calm   1:33
Audition 1/20/8710.Audition 1/20/87   1:31
Cadenza and Dance11.Cadenza and Dance   2:41
Caprice12.Caprice   4:27
Duets for Double Basses by Frank Proto
I13.I   1:25
II Song14.II Song   2:32
III15.III   1:52
IV16.IV   1:17
V Blues17.V Blues   2:33
VI18.VI   1:29
Gigue19.VII. Gigue   2:16