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Foolish Fire: Stories & Inspirations for Guitar Quartet
Tantalus Quartet: Classical Guitar Quartet
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Phillip Haughton: Opals
Black Opal01.I. Black Opal   2:20
Water Opal02.II. Water Opal   4:28
White Opal03.III. White Opal   3:02
Blind Archers04.Edie Hill: Blind Archers   7:12
Hour of Stars05.Edie Hill: Hour of Stars   6:48
Kristian Anderson: Ignes Fatui
Foolish Fire06.I. Foolish Fire   4:46
The Luring07.II. The Luring   3:11
Fiesta! Danger!08.III. Fiesta! Danger!   5:13
A Feast for Tantalus09.Apostolos Paraskevas: A Feast for Tantalus   9:36
Total Playing Time: 46:36