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For most percussionists, the triangle is a familiar instrument that has been played for centuries; yet, there is very little solo/recital repertoire for it. It is from this dichotomy that Sounds, Shapes, and Synergy evolved. This collective work began with three goals; to contribute repertoire; to propel the triangle in a solo/recital context; and to create modern music for an ancient instrument.
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Sounds, Shapes, and Synergy: Music for Triangles
Mark Berry
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Paschal's Triangle01.David Steinquest: Paschal's Triangle   6:42
Tri-alaap02.Payton MacDonald: Tri-alaap   8:43
Triangulation03.Jonathan Ovalle: Triangulation   7:29
Geosynchronous 204.Mark Berry: Geosynchronous 2   10:56
Pitch Drop05.Dave Gerhart: Pitch Drop   7:01
Klarheit06.Michael Bump: Klarheit   12:08
Allston Memoir07.Jason Baker: Allston Memoir   5:59
Forgery08.Ben Wahlund: Forgery   5:03
Total Playing Time: 1:04:01