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Journey on a Comet’s Tail features original commissions written for the Paradise Winds Reed Quintet. In their unique voices, Marvin, McCarthy, Kavasch, Rabb, and Mehlenbacher each highlight the distinct timbral possibilities and technical prowess of this budding genre.
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Journey on a Comet's Tail
Paradise Winds: Reed Quintet
Joseph Kluesener - Bassoon
Patrick Murphy - Saxophone
Stefanie Harger Gardner - Bass Clarinet
Tiffany Pan - Oboe
Joshua Gardner - Clarinet
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John Marvin: Three Pieces for Reed Quintet
Prelude01.I. Prelude   2:06
Contrasts02.II. Contrasts   4:37
Scherzo03.III. Scherzo   3:50
Robbie McCarthy: Four-Letter Word
First Offense04.I. First Offense   2:09
Second Chance05.II. Second Chance   4:59
Final Warning06.III. Final Warning   2:13
Deborah Kavasch: Five Miniatures for Reed Quintet
Sprightly07.I. Sprightly   49:00
Reflectively08.II. Reflectively   2:12
Lively09.III. Lively   58:00
Lazily10.IV. Lazily   3:17
Pointedly (Homage to Igor)11.V. Pointedly (Homage to Igor)   1:24
Scenes from the Big Top12.Kincaid Rabb: Scenes from the Big Top   5:15
Kurt Mehlenbacher: Journey on a Comet's Tail
From the Surface of the Earth13.I. From the Surface of the Earth   4:01
Comet Interlude: Journey on a Comet's Tail14.II. Comet Interlude: Journey on a Comet's Tail   2:27
Frost and Snow15.III. Frost and Snow   4:31
Comet Interlude: Dancing Stars16.IV. Comet Interlude: Dancing Stars   3:36
Hellfire17.V. Hellfire   2:13
Sailing Through the Milky Way18.VI. Sailing Through the Milky Way   4:40
Postlude: A Return Home19.VII. Postlude: A Return Home   1:55
Total Playing Time: 2:42:25