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Soundset Recordings
Here & Now featuring Benito Gonzales (Piano), Corcoran Holt (Bass) and Myron Walden (Sax). Recorded at Systems Two Studios in Brooklyn, NY. All tunes written by Ivan Diaz except Benito Gonzalez arrangement of Herbie Hancock´s Maiden Voyage.

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Here & Now
Ivan Díaz -  Drums, Composer
Benito Gonzalez - Piano
Corcoran Holt - Acoustic Bass
Myron Walden - Saxophones
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Write or Wrong01.Ivan Díaz: Write or Wrong   6:37
Yoga Intro02.Ivan Díaz: Yoga Intro   1:06
Yoga03.Ivan Díaz: Yoga   3:47
Maiden Voyage04.Herbie Hancock: Maiden Voyage   10:49
Elena05.Ivan Díaz: Elena   6:09
The Meaning and the Purpose06.Ivan Díaz: The Meaning and the Purpose   8:31
The Answer07.Ivan Díaz: The Answer   5:54
Yoga (The Bonding)08.Ivan Díaz: Yoga (The Bonding)   1:00
Just Listen09.Ivan Díaz: Just Listen   8:30
Duet Now10.Ivan Díaz: Duet Now   4:20
Total Playing Time: 56:43