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Abby Lloyd -  Clarinet
Gail Novak - Piano
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Chen Yi: Chinese Ancient Dances
Ox Tail Dance01.I. Ox Tail Dance   4:16
Gail Novak - Piano
Hu Xuan Dance02.II. Hu Xuan Dance   2:31
Gail Novak - Piano
Shulamit Ran: Three Scenes for Clarinet
Bold and Dramatic03.I. Bold and Dramatic   2:29
Chameleon04.II. Chameleon   2:02
Song05.III. Song   2:40
Paragon06.Theresa Martin: Paragon   7:47
Gail Novak - Piano
Alban Berg: Vier Stucke, Op. 5
Massig07.I. Massig   1:14
Gail Novak - Piano
Sehr langsam08.II. Sehr langsam   1:37
Gail Novak - Piano
Sehr rasch09.III. Sehr rasch   1:02
Gail Novak - Piano
Langsam10.IV. Langsam   2:24
Gail Novak - Piano
Robert Muczynski: Time Pieces
Allegro risoluto11.I. Allegro risoluto   2:41
Gail Novak - Piano
Andante espressivo12.II. Andante espressivo   5:29
Gail Novak - Piano
Allegro moderato13.III. Allegro moderato   2:09
Gail Novak - Piano
Introduction. Andante molto - Allegro energico14.IV. Introduction. Andante molto - Allegro energico   5:07
Gail Novak - Piano
Total Playing Time: 43:28