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This album presents two new compositions by Joel Love performed by the University of Arizona Wind Ensemble and conducted by Dr. Chad Nicholson: 1) Solace–A Lyric Concerto, featuring saxophonist Edward Goodman, and 2) Three Images for Wind Ensemble.

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Joy and Monsters: The Music of Joel Love
University of Arizona Wind Ensemble
Chad R. Nicholson - Conductor
Edward Goodman - Saxophone
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Solace: A Lyric Concerto by Joel Love
Joy01.I. Joy   3:10
With: Edward Goodman - Saxophone
Besieged02.II. Besieged   5:23
With: Edward Goodman - Saxophone
Gratitude03.III. Gratitude   6:18
With: Edward Goodman - Saxophone
Hiding04.IV. Hiding   3:23
With: Edward Goodman - Saxophone
Work05.V. Work   2:38
With: Edward Goodman - Saxophone
Three Images for Wind Ensemble by Joel Love
Spring06.I. Spring   2:14
The Golden Hour07.II. The Golden Hour   3:56
Bed Monsters08.III. Bed Monsters   2:30
Total Playing Time: 29:32