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Performed by trumpeter, Ryan Gardner, and pianist, Margaret McDonald, New American Treasures explores exciting new works by leading living American composers. These “treasures” were all written in the 21st Century and include works by Stephenson, Vizzutti, Higdon, Friedman, and Ewazen.

Physical CD 15.99 US      Digital Download $10.00


New American Treasures
Ryan Gardner -  Brass - Trumpet
Margaret McDonald - Piano
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L'esprit de la trompette01.James M. Stephenson: L'esprit de la trompette   4:04
Allen Vizzutti: Sonata No. 3 for Trumpet and Piano
Singing Legato02.I. Singing Legato   3:43
Hymn-like03.II. Hymn-like   4:23
Lyrical Waltz04.III. Lyrical Waltz   3:16
Cadenza - Fast with Energy!05.IV. Cadenza - Fast with Energy!   4:20
Jennifer Higdon: Trumpet Songs
Morning Opens06.I. Morning Opens   1:57
To Home07.II. To Home   1:08
In Our Quiet08.III. In Our Quiet   3:00
Hop & Toe Dance09.IV. Hop & Toe Dance   0:45
Threaded10.V. Threaded   1:26
Breaking11.VI. Breaking   1:24
Stanley Friedman: Sonata No. 2 in F minor for Trumpet and Piano
Allegro non troppo12.I. Allegro non troppo   9:32
Lento13.II. Lento   6:50
Rondo14.III. Rondo   7:11
Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Brahms15.Eric Ewazen: Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Brahms   13:03
Total Playing Time: 1:06:02