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Soundset Recordings
Performed by guitarists Maria Vittoria Jedlowski, Arlette Ruelens, and Annette Kruisbrink who form the Trio Trobairitz.
Other recordings by Trio Trobairitz:

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Favole in Musica
Trio Trobairitz: Guitar - Acoustic Guitar
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A Fantastic Journey (Il Piccolo Principe)01.Maria Linnemann: A Fantastic Journey (Il Piccolo Principe)   17:32
La Cassetta delle Lettere Starnazzante02.Alexander Radvilovich: La Cassetta delle Lettere Starnazzante   4:12
Sotto il Tappeto03.Alexander Radvilovich: Sotto il Tappeto   8:13
Il Porcellino che Voleva Volare04.Alexander Radvilovich: Il Porcellino che Voleva Volare   8:26
The Japanese Stonecutter (Lo spaccapietre)05.Annette Kruisbrink: The Japanese Stonecutter (Lo spaccapietre)   15:41
Total Playing Time: 54:04