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Dionisio Aguado occupies a prominent position among the great guitarists of the nineteenth century, but the corpus of his works has only recently become the subject of careful study by specialists and musicologists. This is surprising, since guitarists have always had a great affection for Aguado, particularly because of his technical methods. However, these somehow managed to overshadow Aguado's concert pieces: a situation this record is intended to rectify.
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Dionisio Aguado: Guitar Music
Lorenzo Micheli -  Guitar
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Rondo Brillant for guitar No. 1 in E major, Op. 2 by Dionisio Aguado
01.I. Adagio   5:33
02.II. Polonaise   4:44
Rondo Brillant for guitar No. 2 in A minor, Op. 2 by Dionisio Aguado
03.I. Andante   2:23
04.II. Rondò Allegro moderato   6:39
Rondo Brillant for guitar No. 3 in D major, Op. 2 by Dionisio Aguado
05.I. Andante   2:20
06.II. Allegro   7:52
Le Menuet affandangado op. 15 by Dionisio Aguado
07.I. Adagio   1:52
08.II. Menuet   0:33
09.III. Andante   9:56
12 Estudios by Dionisio Aguado
10.I. Estudio 1   1:03
11.II. Estudio 2   1:36
12.III. Estudio 3   1:16
13.IV. Estudio 4   1:52
14.V. Estudio 5   1:20
15.VI. Estudio 6   1:11
16.VII. Estudio 7   2:55
17.VIII. Estudio 8   1:19
18.IX. Estudio 9   1:20
19.X. Estudio 10   0:51
20.XI. Estudio 11   1:31
21.XII. Estudio 12   2:36
Le Fandango varié op. 16 by Dionisio Aguado
22.I. Adagio   1:50
23.II. Allegro   6:06
Total Playing Time: 1:08:38