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This recording attempts to repair an historical injustice. Rebay, although popular as choir director and composer of vocal music, was unable to make a decent living for his family from his guitar compositions. At the time of his death in Vienna, in 1953, Rebay was impoverished and forgotten.
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Physical CD 17.99 US      Coming Soon

Ferdinand Rebay: Guitar Sonatas
SoloDuo: Two Guitars
Lorenzo Micheli - Guitar
Matteo Mela - Guitar
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Grosses Duo fur Gitarre und Quint-Bassgitarre by Ferdinand Rebay
Sehr bewegtes Zeitmass01.I. Sehr bewegtes Zeitmass   8:20
Variationen uber Schuberts Morgengruss02.II. Variationen uber Schuberts Morgengruss   5:27
Frisch bewegt03.III. Frisch bewegt   6:53
Variationen uber Schuberts Wiegenlied (Lorenzo Micheli, guitar)04.Variationen uber Schuberts Wiegenlied (Lorenzo Micheli, guitar) from Variationen uber Schuberts Wiegenlied   7:53
Sonate in a moll fur Gitarre-Solo by Ferdinand Rebay
Moderato05.I. Moderato   5:34
Ruhig und zart06.II. Ruhig und zart   3:53
Lebhaft und mit Humor07.III. Lebhaft und mit Humor   3:32
Lustig bewegt08.IV. Lustig bewegt   6:14
Sonate in d moll fur Gitarre (Lorenzo Micheli, guitar) by Ferdinand Rebay
Allegro09.I. Allegro   6:42
Variationen uber ein Thema von Schubert10.II. Variationen uber ein Thema von Schubert   5:18
Scherzo. Presto11.III. Scherzo. Presto   4:07
Finale. Alla breve12.IV. Finale. Alla breve   4:48
Total Playing Time: 1:08:41