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A high standard recording with exceptional compositions, based on a.o. music of North-India, Carnatica, Byzantic melodies of Greece. The last piece of this album is called 'Prelude to a moment of Silence......'
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Resonant Light: Compositions by Annette Kruisbrink
Annette Kruisbrink -  composer
Arlette Ruelens - guitar
Label: Soundset Recordings
Item Number: DZ1480
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2010
The Raga Suite, composed in 2007 is dedicated to Arlette Ruelens. Annette Kruisbrink studied the structure of Indian musical modes (ragas) and the Indian system of rhythm (talas) and the four movements of this Suite are based on North Indian ragas. Sindh Bhairavi is a late morning raga. Meditative in its character, it is a raga of restrained passion. Jogiya is an early morning raga. The name of it alludes to the yogi who begins his meditation at daybreak. Durga is a late evening raga and is supposed to evoke a pleasant and sometimes philosophical mood. Adana is a late night raga and is rich with fast passages.

Carnatic Interlude (2008) dedicated to the Italian guitarist Leonardo De Angelis, is based on Carnatic (South Indian) music. After an evoking introduction a slow Raga melody appears accompanied by open bass strings, according to the tuning of the Indian stringed drone instrument, the Tampura. The melody develops and leads to a typical guitar arpeggio. Another, more rhythmical Raga melody appears. The composition unfolds and closes like a Lotus Flower, an important symbol in Indian culture.

Tendresse (2010) is a lovely, moving short work, dedicated to Marlène Lemay and published in a special edition of Les Productions d;OZ to mark their 25th anniversary.

Una Palabra de Consuelo, composed in 2003 is dedicated to the Belgian guitarist Raphaèlla Smits, with whom Arlette Ruelens had masterclasses. This piece, of which the title means "A Word of Consolation", is all about feelings one can have when losing a loved one: grief, anger, impotence, acceptance, etc. By using a set of musical ideas Kruisbrink exposes all of these different alternating moods, making this composition interesting throughout.

The composition Variations on Opou Episkiasi I Hari Sou (2008) is dedicated to the Greek guitarist and composer Dimitris Fampas (1921-1996). The variations are based on an authentic Greek Byzantine ecclesiastical theme. A loose translation of the title is: "There Where Your Grace Overshadows". The character of the composition is of great serenity. The first movement bears the superscript Lento con devozione. The second movement has a more gracious mood and the third follows with a sort of "rhythm dansante". The final movement has a repentant atmosphere with the superscript Lento contemplativo.

Ahimsa (in memoriam Mohandas Karamchand "Mahatma" Gandhi), composed in 2001, means "non-violence". Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948) on non-violence: "Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man." The letters of Gandhi's names are linked to specific notes.

Preludio a un Momento di Silenzio (2003), dedicated to the Italian guitarist Carlo Marchione, starts fairly impulsively and undergoes a transformation of initially compelling 16th notes to a stilled non pulsive mood. The composer's final indication to the performer: "silenzio più lungo possibile".

Artwork: Arlette Ruelens
Guitar made by O. Vowinkel in 1991.
Recorded by Studio The Gang, The Netherlands 2010