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A high standard recording with exceptional compositions, based on a.o. music of North-India, Carnatica, Byzantic melodies of Greece. The last piece of this album is called 'Prelude to a moment of Silence......'
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Resonant Light: Compositions by Annette Kruisbrink
Annette Kruisbrink -  composer
Arlette Ruelens - guitar
Label: Soundset Recordings
Item Number: DZ1480
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2010
Raga Suite by Annette Kruisbrink
Sindh-bharaivi   01.  I. Sindh-bharaivi   5:58$1.00
Jogiya   02.  II. Jogiya   3:03$1.00
Durga   03.  III. Durga   3:55$1.00
Adana   04.  IV. Adana   2:39$1.00
Carnatic Interlude   05.  Carnatic Interlude   11:11$1.00
Tendresse   06.  Tendresse   2:36$1.00
Una Palabra de Consuelo   07.  Una Palabra de Consuelo   8:45$1.00
Variations on Opou Episkiasi I Hari Sou by Annette Kruisbrink
Lento con devozione   08.  I. Lento con devozione   3:07$1.00
Andantino grazioso   09.  II. Andantino grazioso   1:16$1.00
Andante comodo   10.  III. Andante comodo   2:08$1.00
Lento contemplativo   11.  IV. Lento contemplativo   2:21$1.00
Ahimsa   12.  Ahimsa   6:06$1.00
Preludio a un Momento di Silenzio   13.  Preludio a un Momento di Silenzio   5:30$1.00