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Album Title:Pura Vida: Music of Latin America for Two Guitars
Artist:Huston-Todd Duo
Item Code:ALBUM-00326
Label:Soundset Recordings
Performance Type:   Studio Recording
Genre:Classical, Latin Music, World Music
Sub-Genre:Guitar, South American


Richard Todd and John Huston began performing together in the Summer of 2009, and since then have presented numerous concerts throughout the Southeastern U.S. Their collaboration continues with the release of this, their debut recording, and a number of concerts, including their European debut at the Festival Mediterraneo della Chitarra in Italy.

John and Richard were both accomplished soloists when they began collaborating. The combination of their markedly different styles has resulted in vital, energetic performances of repertoire that ranges from the ancient to the contemporary.

Pura Vida was a project that evolved naturally from their earliest rehearsals and performances. Richard and John both have a passion for Latin American guitar music that originates in their formative work as soloists and scholars. The selections presented here constitute a wide range of Latin American musical styles from a variety of nations . Comprised of new arrangements, contemporary compositions and classic works, this disc features the diverse and syncretic compositional styles that are a hallmark of Latin American art-music of the 20th century.

Produced by John Huston and Richard Todd
Recorded at Maxwell Sound Recording in Athens, Georgia, USA, July 29 and 30, 2010.
Recording Engineer: Mark Maxwell
Digital Editor: Jed Hackett
Mastering: Dave Shirk
Cover Photos: Erica Geoge Dines
Inside photos: Naoto Abe
Design: Leanne Koonce

Richard and John would like to thank Tamara, Teresa, Clara, and Juju for support and inspiration; Jed Hackett, Mark Maxwell and Dave Shirk for sound capture and presentation; Dr. Amy Chen, Dr. Sol Jacobs, and Dr Daniel Lee for keeping John alive this long; and Duo Sudamericano for their lovely arrangement.

John plays a guitar made by Zbigniew Gnatek on this recording. Richard plays an Antonio Marín Montero.