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Album Title:Roger Reynolds: Last Things, I Think, To Think About
Artist:Neuma Records
Performers:Philip Larson, Aleck Karis, John Ashbery, Roger Reynolds
Item Code:ALBUM-1001054
Label:Neuma Records
Performance Type:   Studio Recording
Sub-Genre:20th/21st Century


Roger Reynolds' song cycle is based on text by John Ashbery. It is sung by Philip Larson, baritone, accompanied by Aleck Karis, piano, and it is also recited by John Ashbery. And there is an elegant, sparing use of electronics which emphasizes the intimacy and subtlety of the entire work. Indeed, the presence of the singing voice, the speaking voice, and the electronics gives this disc a multiple dimension that is striking and thoughtful. It is a fine representation of Ashbery's poetry, reflecting its rhythms, contrasts, and depth, and more, it is perhaps a pointer towards a new approach in reconciling the meaning of music with the meaning of words.