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Album Title:TrueNorth Harp Duo
Artist:TrueNorth Harp Duo
Performers:Lynne Aspnes, John Wickey
Item Code:ALBUM-00322
Label:Soundset Recordings
Performance Type:   Studio Recording
Sub-Genre:Chamber Music, Harp


With a rich and orchestral sound, impeccable ensemble, and innovative programming, TrueNorth Harp Duo performs throughout the USA and Canada. John Wickey and Lynne Aspnes first performed together in 1992 for the American Harp Society National Conference in San Diego, California. That concert inspired the formation of their first harp duo, Two Part Invention, which ended in 1995 when John moved to the San Francisco bay area to pursue his interest in information technology.
John and Lynne reconnected in 2008 and immediately began planning the revival of
their partnership. During a location photo shoot, a sculpture named True North
provided the inspiration for the duo's new name. Although the course of their lives had
taken them in different directions, the guiding principles of musicianship and service
to the harp brought them back together.

Recorded by Clark Rigsby at Tempest Studios, Tempe, Arizona (2010). Mastered by Dave Shirk, Sonorous Mastering, Tempe, Arizona (2011).