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Album Title:Ex Tenebris Lux
Artist:Valerie Hartzell
Item Code:ALBUM-00316
Label:Soundset Recordings
Performance Type:   Studio Recording
Sub-Genre:20th/21st Century, Guitar, Romantic,


Fanfare Magazine March/April 2012 says:
Hartzell very obviously loves her instrument and the music she plays on it...[she] proves herself to be a master at creating moods...

Award Winning Composer & Guitarist Michael Nicolella:
Beautiful playing!! The well-known pieces are all given a thoughtful and insightful interpretation (I especially liked the Ponce) and the lesser known works are a very welcome addition - especially Olga [Amelkina-Vera]'s piece.

Olga Amelkina-Vera, Composer of Ex Tenebris:
I am honored to have been commissioned to write a piece for Valerie Hartzell's new album. Her recording of Ex Tenebris is true to the concept and intent of the piece, yet she also brings her own unique perspective and meaning to the interpretation. Her refined technique and nuanced execution make the composition come to life.

Andy Mitchell, Composer of Drift:
Valerie plays Drift with a gentle, sensitive dynamic contour and achieves great separation when defining the different voices. Her color variation and expressive phrasing really help to emphasize the pensive character I intended when writing Drift.