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Album Title:AG3
Artist:Atlanta Guitar Trio
Performers:Adam Craighead, Bill Hearn, Scott Plato
Item Code:ALBUM-00337
Label:Soundset Recordings
Performance Type:   Studio Recording
Sub-Genre:Chamber Music, Guitar, Instrumental


Bill Hearn, Scott Plato, and Adam Craighead have many decades of experience in guitar performance and as educators of guitar. Working together as The Atlanta Guitar Trio, they provide audiences with exciting, fun, and entertainingly musical concert programs. The group performs music from many different historical time periods. Bill, Scott, and Adam incorporate not only guitar in the trio ensemble, but they also perform arrangements of music for guitar and mandolin, as well as guitar and theorbo. During concerts, the trio entertains audience members with historical information on the musical instruments they use. They also provide historical insight into the composers and compositions performed.