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Album Title:Adagio
Artist:Austin Moorhead
Item Code:ALBUM-00308
Label:Soundset Recordings
Performance Type:   Studio Recording


My debut CD is a collection of mostly new guitar works beginning with Sergio Assad's fiery and virtuosic Fantasia Carioca, composed in 1994 as a 'celebration of the city of Rio de Janeiro.' The contemplative and nostalgic Jeff Buckley Requiem (2007), by French guitarist-composer Denis Mortagne, was written in memory of the New York underground musical icon who died tragically in 1997. In sharp contrast, Spatula (2000) is a lighthearted pastiche with seemingly disparate elements of Spanish guitar music, bluegrass, and a Cuban habanera, 'scrambled' together by New York composer David Mallamud. Adagio, K. 540, a work originally for piano (and the only non-contemporary piece on this recording), was beautifully transcribed for guitar by Benjamin Verdery. Written in Italy in 1984, the first of Nuccio D'Angelo's Due Canzoni Lidie explores unusual sonorities with the Lydian mode and also uses space as a compositional element. The concluding work, Robert Beaser's Shenandoah (1995), is based on the traditional American folksong by the same name. Fragments of the original melody are heard throughout the piece within rich harmonies and a variety of guitar effects, yet full quotations of the melody occur only three times.

With appreciation to my family for their love and support, to Frank Koonce and Ben Verdery for their guidance, to Mallory and Steffanie Cruse for photography, and to d-Lock and all the Yale guitar guys (and girl!) for their friendship. I am also grateful to Leanne and Frank Koonce for help with the production and design of this CD. Most of all I thank God.

--Austin Moorhead