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Album Title:Non Acoustic Symphony
Artist:Neuma Records
Performers:Dariusz Mazurowski
Item Code:ALBUM-1000685
Label:Neuma Records
Performance Type:   Studio Recording
Sub-Genre:20th/21st Century


Polish composer Dariusz Mazurowski employs a complicated system of digital, analog, and homemade sound generators in both fixed and improvised presentations of his music. He consistently challenges conventional approaches to making electroacoustic music by privileging the singularity of sounds over more traditional formal concerns. Mazurowski’s inventiveness and technological expertise has already earned him a respected place among Europe’s electroacoustic community.

Neuma is pleased to present his recent composition, Non Acoustic Symphony, in which eclectic sound sources are compiled in a unified CD-length work. These sounds have been transformed to such a degree that their origins are virtually impossible to recognize, having been collected from various sources and processed with analog and digital tools. This palette is further enriched with many examples of hybrid sounds, resulting in richly sculpted textures and strikingly original timbres. Each fragment of sound is, in a sense, a composition unto itself.