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Album Title:"Poeta"
Artist:Luca Luciano
Performers:Duo Lucatelle-Bartoloni
Label:Luca Luciano
Performance Type:   Studio Recording
Sub-Genre:Chamber Music, Clarinet, 20th/21st Century


Inspired by the etymology of the word “poet” (meaning “creator” in ancient Greek), this album carries on the aesthetics of previous releases and presents clarinet works of recent years along with a piece by Luciano Berio and a bonus track featuring a composition of Luca’s for guitar and piano. The music, recorded in London in 2015, is informed by an on-going research on extended techniques, unconventional sound production (and their application on composed and improvised music) and new music for solo clarinet that Luciano has regularly presented in the UK and overseas via premieres and educational events aimed at showcasing the full potential of the instrument. Luca’s will to explore the full range of sound resources and colours of his instrument is more clearly evident on pieces such as: Fragment #6 (premiered at St Martin in the Fields in London in 2014) using multiple sounds and the voice into the instrument; the Fantasia, exploring the possibilities of the lower and upper joints of the instrument when played separately; tracks for clarinet trio or for solo with pre-recorded instruments, in particular “Mosquito” featuring slap-tonguing techniques over a pre-recorded clarinet played without the mouthpiece; two studies, recently premiered at the National Portrait Gallery in London also part of his “Introductory Method to Extended Techniques”. The programme is completed by homage pieces to Puccini, Stravinsky (with audacious variations on his “Three Pieces”) and to Poulenc (whose Sonata has accompanied Luca since early in his career) premiered at the 2015 European Clarinet Festival in Belgium. Luca’s passion for Brazil (where he tours regularly) is evident on Divertimento #11 and the Two Miniatures recorded in Sao Paulo (by guitarist Fabio Bartoloni and pianist Daniela Lucatelle) and premiered by the duo itself in the USA in 2015.