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Album Title:Yossarian's Dream
Artist:Jerry Kosak
Item Code:ALBUM-1000877
Label:Many Dances Publishing
Performance Type:   Studio Recording
Genre:World Music, Pop
Sub-Genre:American, Guitar, Instrumental


Jerry Kosak "Yosarian's Dream" 2017 Jerry Kozak's solo guitar playing is aggressive and virtuosic. Several of his original pieces employ elements of minimalism - repetition and subtle variations of melodic motifs - which he uses effectively. That said, he's not defined by New Ageism, as the pieces on Yosarian's Dream vary in terms of compositional approach and tonal characteristics of the different guitars he plays. "Joined At The Hip" is a fine example, including key changes (which Kozak sometimes facilitates by retuning during the piece), melodies played across fretted and open strings interspersed with harmonics, and right-handed fingering of bass notes while hammering out lines on the treble strings. Listening to the bluesy "That's Phat," I'm reminded of Laurence Juber's early solo work. "Portable Fruit" might well have germinated from John D. Loudermilk's "Windy and Warm." The vibrant "A Year From Now," led me to his YouTube channel for visuals. Not surprisingly, he plays the tune effortlessly, although the audio quality on the CD is superior. "One Long Breath," an enjoyable slower tune, adds variety to the set. Everything on Yosarian's Dream is well-crafted and listenable, which leads me to look forward to more solo work from Kozak.
© Patrick Ragains (Minor 7th)