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Soundset Recordings

On the Soundset website, we also sell selected CDs that are not on our label, both independently owned recordings and recordings that have been released on other labels. If you have a recording that you would like to submit for consideration, please describe it in the message box when requesting membership. Once accepted, we require five copies up front from you. We simply pay an agreed-upon distribution rate to you when sales have reached your chosen payment threshold. We will request more copies when needed.
If your recording is on another label, we are able to sell copies of the physical CD just like any other store; however, we do not have the authority to sell digital downloads unless the copyright is in your name.
We will promote and sell your recording and digital downloads (if applicable) on the Soundset website. You are given your own URL where extensive and detailed information, including reviews, biographies, pictures, MP3 sound clips, and other information, is posted and can be updated and managed by you and by us. You will even be able to promote the recording in advance of its release and sell individual digital tracks before they are compiled onto a physical CD, as long as they are ready and copyright free. Once something is finished, it can be posted. Furthermore, your Soundset site can be linked to other websites.
We provide you with a username and password with which you can upload information about your recording to the Soundset web site. You will be able to add updates such as reviews, new recordings, and other data at any time. After signing in, you will also be able to manage your Soundset account and have access to hidden information about sales figures, dates and locations of purchases, and royalty account balances. You can also set your own payment threshold and method for receiving royalties. The specific terms are described in our Physical CD Consignment Agreement, which can be accessed when adding a new recording.