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Epic album-length composition by Bryan Johanson, composed for and dedicated to The Duo (Eric Benzant-Feldra and Michael Kudirka, guitars). World premiere recording of all thirteen movements in three parts: Cool Cubed, Pentadigitopia, and Cube Squared.

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13 Ways of Looking at 12 Strings
The Duo: Guitar Duo
Michael Kudirka - Guitar
Eric Benzant-Feldra - Guitar
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13 Ways of Looking at 12 Strings by Bryan Johanson
Toccataesque01.I. Toccataesque   1:51
Bad Egg Cafe02.II. Bad Egg Cafe   3:36
Mr Owl Ate My Metal Worm03.III. Mr Owl Ate My Metal Worm   2:23
Le Petit Groove Royale04.IV. Le Petit Groove Royale   3:51
A Philosopher's Song05.V. A Philosopher's Song   4:33
Strings Etouffee06.VI. Strings Etouffee   1:51
Slide Rule07.VII. Slide Rule   3:10
Steel Pans08.VIII. Steel Pans   3:03
From the Diary of a Fly09.IX. From the Diary of a Fly   2:44
EGAD!10.X. EGAD!   3:18
Give the Strummer Some11.XI. Give the Strummer Some   6:33
Fuguetude12.XII. Fuguetude   4:06
Jammus Vulgaris13.XIII. Jammus Vulgaris   5:22
Total Playing Time: 46:21