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Soundset Recordings

¡Acentuado!. Yuri Liberzon Plays Astor Piazzolla
With: Yuri Liberzon, Josué Casillas
. . . is but a dream
With: Rebecca Henderson, Helen Callus, Timothy Lovelace
...A Deux
With: Duo Laborde-Albert, Christian Laborde, Benoit Albert
With: Luca Luciano, Duo Lucatelle-Bartoloni
13 Ways of Looking at 12 Strings
With: The Duo, Michael Kudirka, Eric Benzant-Feldra
2014 Holiday Concert
With: Coastal Communities Concert Band, Larry Curtis, Michae...
20th Century
With: Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet, John Smith
25 Compositions
Marlène Demers-Lemay
34th Anniversary Concert
With: Coastal Communities Concert Band, Michael Brown, Mark ...
37th Anniversary Concert 2020
With: Coastal Communities Concert Band, Tom Cole, Steve Tick...
With: Annette Kruisbrink, Arlette Ruelens
5 compositores brasileiros por 2 violonistas
Duo Bartoloni
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