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Annette Kruisbrink (The Netherlands) and Arlette Ruelens (Belgium) formed The Anido Guitar Duo in 1995. Named after the legendary guitarist and composer Maria Luisa Anido (1907-1996), their repertoire shows a preference for originality, their own compositions, music from South America, and music by women composers.
Other recordings by Annette Kruisbrink:

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Annette Kruisbrink
Arlette Ruelens - Guitar
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Toccata a Due01.Toccata a Due   8:17
With: Arlette Ruelens - Guitar
MMXX02.MMXX   3:44
MMXX-II03.MMXX-II   1:37
With: Arlette Ruelens - Guitar
15 √Čtudes by Annette Kruisbrink
Allegro04.I. Allegro   0:46
Lento Rubato05.II. Lento Rubato   1:15
Allegretto06.III. Allegretto   0:39
Molto Rubato07.IV. Molto Rubato   0:56
Moderato08.V. Moderato   1:02
Calmo09.VI. Calmo   1:17
Presto10.VII. Presto   0:48
Andante11.VIII. Andante   1:18
Scherzando12.IX. Scherzando   1:09
Presto 213.X. Presto 2   0:47
Tranquillo14.XI. Tranquillo   0:56
Lento Rubato 215.XII. Lento Rubato 2   1:27
Andante Mosso16.XIII. Andante Mosso   1:32
Scherzando 217.XIV. Scherzando 2   0:45
Vivo18.XV. Vivo   0:56
Allegro Brilliante19.Allegro Brilliante   4:17
With: Arlette Ruelens - Guitar
Huixi20.Huixi   4:55
With: Arlette Ruelens - Guitar
Wayang Style21.Wayang Style   4:33
Sofie's Dream22.Sofie's Dream   4:05
With: Arlette Ruelens - Guitar
Petit Rondeau d'Alamanda23.Petit Rondeau d'Alamanda   2:31
Total Playing Time: 49:32