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"In the title, the flutist Amy Porter likens the act of transcribing Bach’s Cello Suites to a translation. But her gleaming, lyrical reading of these profoundly personal works feels more like a distillation that concentrates and heightens their melodic structure." -NEW YORK TIMES
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In Translation: Selections from JS Bach's Cello Suites
Amy Porter
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Suite I in G Major, BWV 1007 by Johann Sebastian Bach
Prelude01.I. Prelude   2:53
Allemande02.II. Allemande   4:58
Courante03.III. Courante   3:01
Minuetto I & II04.IV. Minuetto I & II   3:24
Sarabande05.V. Sarabande   3:11
Suite II in D Minor, BWV 1008 by Johann Sebastian Bach
Prelude06.I. Prelude   4:00
Allemande07.II. Allemande   2:41
Sarabande08.III. Sarabande   5:20
Gigue09.IV. Gigue   2:37
Suite III in C Major, BWV 1009 by Johann Sebastian Bach
Prelude10.I. Prelude   4:06
Allemande11.II. Allemande   3:52
Courante12.III. Courante   3:05
Sarabande13.IV. Sarabande   4:09
Bourrée I & II14.V. Bourrée I & II   3:29
Suite IV In E-Flat Major, BWV 1010 by Johann Sebastian Bach
Sarabande15.I. Sarabande   5:24
Disk 2
Prelude01.II. Prelude   4:24
Allemande02.III. Allemande   4:02
Courante03.IV. Courante   4:01
Gigue04.V. Gigue   2:56
Suite V In C Minor, BWV 1011 by Johann Sebastian Bach
Prelude05.I. Prelude   6:50
Allemande06.II. Allemande   5:58
Sarabande07.III. Sarabande   3:31
Gigue08.IV. Gigue   2:34
Suite VI In D Major, BWV 1012 by Johann Sebastian Bach
Prelude09.I. Prelude   5:12
Courante10.II. Courante   4:14
Total Playing Time: 1:39:52