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"Kansha" is a Japanese word to express a deep sense of gratitude. As a fourth generation Japanese-American, my desire to express deep appreciation for my heritage was the inspiration for this project.

Traditional Japanese stories and folk songs woven with personal memories of growing up in Hawai'i form the backdrop for the original compositions on this recording. I also reflect the melding of Japanese and American influences through customary Japanese instruments along with modern Western instruments.

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Melanie Yamada -  Clarinet
Darin Miyashiro - Koto
Mariko Furukawa - Piano
Joanna Morrison-Pernela - Cello
Michael W. Perry - Narrator
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Soundprints01.Neil McKay: Soundprints   5:32
With: Darin Miyashiro - Koto
Japanese Folksongs02.Scott Richards: Japanese Folksongs   11:16
With: Mariko Furukawa - Piano
Wooden03.Takeo Kudo: Wooden   11:32
With: Mariko Furukawa - Piano
Sakura Song-Five04.Yosuke Fukuda: Sakura Song-Five   4:00
Another Time and Place05.Takeo Kudo: Another Time and Place   7:31
The Journey of Momotaro06.Yui Kitamura: The Journey of Momotaro   9:22
With: Mariko Furukawa - Piano, Joanna Morrison-Pernela - Cello, Michael W. Perry - Narrator
The Journey of Momotaro (Japanese)07.Yui Kitamura: The Journey of Momotaro (Japanese)   9:22  (Bonus Track - CD Only)
Total Playing Time: 58:35