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Percussionist Igor Lešnik and organist Mario Penzar presented themselves as a duo for the first time at the Music Biennale Zagreb in 1999 premiering pieces for organ and percussion by Croatian composers. Since that time they extensively toured performing in churches, concert halls and open air in particular.
Other recordings by Igor Lešnik:

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Igor Lešnik -  percussion
Mario Penzar - organ
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Igor Lešnik: Easter Toccata
Agnus-Crux01.I. Agnus-Crux   2:28
De Doloris02.II. De Doloris   1:54
Sanctus -Dominus03.III. Sanctus -Dominus   2:14
Credo-Gloria04.IV. Credo-Gloria   2:43
Adventus05.V. Adventus   1:45
Baltracan06.Serge Folie Baltracan: Baltracan   9:17
Franz Cibulka, Igor Lešnik: Jekyll and Hyde
Allegro07.I. Allegro   6:19
Adagio-Moderato-Adagio08.II. Adagio-Moderato-Adagio   4:46
Presto-Cadenza-Finale09.III. Presto-Cadenza-Finale   5:59
Johann C.C. Fiacher: Symphony with Eight Obligato Timpani
Moderato10.I. Moderato   7:53
Adagio11.II. Adagio   1:44
Allegretto12.III. Allegretto   5:17
Total Playing Time: 52:19