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Igor Lešnik, born 1956 in Zagreb, Croatia, is one of Europe's finest percussionists. Since 1984 he continues to lead the Croatian Radio Symphony orchestra percussion section. In 1990 Igor organized international percussion events and initiated the percussion department at the Music Academy in Zagreb.
Other recordings by Igor Lešnik:

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Igor Lesnik: 20 Years Later
Igor Lešnik -  percussion
Croatian Radio Television Symphony Orchestra - Mladen Tarbuk, conductor
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Franz Cibulka, Igor Lešnik: Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra
I. Allegro01.I. Allegro   6:14
II. Adagio-Moderato-Adagio02.II. Adagio-Moderato-Adagio   4:52
III. Presto-Cadenza-Finale03.III. Presto-Cadenza-Finale   5:56
Vibrafonietta04.Ivo Malec: Vibrafonietta   17:32
Johann Carl Christian Fischer: Symphony With Five Obbligato Timpani
I. Moderato05.I. Moderato   7:52
II. Adagio06.II. Adagio   1:34
III. Allegretto07.III. Allegretto   5:31
Igor Lešnik: Twenty Years Later
I. Rubato08.I. Rubato   2:28
II. Fast09.II. Fast   4:44
III. Slow10.III. Slow   3:21
Total Playing Time: 1:00:04