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Journey - Circles of Our Lives
Turtle Creek Chorale
Mike Stoller - Vocal Soloist
Jerry Leiber - Vocal Soloist
Ben E. King - Vocal Soloist
Rob Eizando - Human Trumpet
Don Kennedy - Vocal Soloist
Sam Bass - Vocal Soloist
Dr. Timothy Seelig - Conductor
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The Quest Unending01.Joseph Martin: The Quest Unending   5:59
A Choral Fanfare02.John Rutter: A Choral Fanfare   2:11
The Vagabond03.Ralph Vaughan Williams: The Vagabond   2:56
The Circles of Our Lives04.David Brunner: The Circles of Our Lives   5:57
No Words05.Rob Landes: No Words   1:53
Rob Eizando - Human Trumpet
On Children06.Ysaye Barnwell: On Children   2:31
Harriet Tubman07.Walter Robinson: Harriet Tubman   4:24
I Ain't Afraid08.Holly Near: I Ain't Afraid   3:09
Stand by Me09.Ben King, Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller: Stand by Me   2:28
Mike Stoller - Vocal Soloist, Jerry Leiber - Vocal Soloist, Ben E. King - Vocal Soloist
We Need Our Dreams10.Craig Wilson: We Need Our Dreams   3:53
James Granville Eakin III: Serenade of Life
Prologue11.I. Prologue   4:26
Sam Bass - Vocal Soloist
Lullaby12.II. Lullaby   4:59
What I Want13.III. What I Want   2:41
My Serenade14.IV. My Serenade   5:15
What I Got15.V. What I Got   3:16
Requiem16.VI. Requiem   5:05
Don Kennedy - Vocal Soloist
Epilogue17.VII. Epilogue   4:22
Total Playing Time: 1:05:25