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Soundset Recordings
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2003 University of Oklahoma Marching Band
University of Oklahoma Bands
Label: Soundset Recordings
Item Number: NSR-00226
Format: Download
Year Recorded: 2003
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Back to the Future01.  Alan Silvestri: Back to the Future   2:15
Beetlejuice02.  Danny Elfman: Beetlejuice   1:21
Batman03.  Danny Elfman: Batman   2:23
Chicago Fanfare and Overture04.  John Kander: Chicago Fanfare and Overture   2:02
Love is a Crime05.  Greg Lawson, Damon Sharpe, Rick Wake, Denise Rich: Love is a Crime   1:29
Free06.  Ultra Nate Wyche, John Ciafone, Lem Springsteen: Free   2:02
Rock and Roll / Rock and Roll all Night07.  Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons: Rock and Roll / Rock and Roll all Night   2:40
Rock in the USA / Rock and Roll Music08.  John Mellencamp, Chuck Berry: Rock in the USA / Rock and Roll Music   1:47
Rock and Roll Band09.  Tom Scholz: Rock and Roll Band   1:48
Salute to Sooner Excellence10.  Roland Barrett: Salute to Sooner Excellence   3:54
Fanfare and Oklahoma11.  Rod Harkins, Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II: Fanfare and Oklahoma   1:41
Boomer Sooner12.  John Higgins: Boomer Sooner   0:37
Nine and Swing (The Good One)13.  Roland Barrett: Nine and Swing (The Good One)   1:36
OU Chant (Vocal)14.  Roland Barrett: OU Chant (Vocal)   0:50