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It is not BEDLAM's goal to simply recreate performance practices of early music, but to use the knowledge of such practices to produce vivid, visceral, and above-all, entertaining music!
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Kayleen Sánchez - Soprano
Laudon Schuett - Renaissance Lute
Label: ATHYR Records
Item Number: NSR-1000378
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2015
O lusty May   01.  Anonymous: O lusty May   2:37$1.00
Lyk as the dum solsequium   02.  Alexander Montgomerie: Lyk as the dum solsequium   2:32$1.00
Give beauty all her right   03.  Thomas Campion: Give beauty all her right   2:53$1.00
Evin dead behold I breathe   04.  Alexander Montgomerie: Evin dead behold I breathe   3:07$1.00
Jack and Joan   05.  Thomas Campion: Jack and Joan   2:19$1.00
My bailful briest   06.  Anonymous: My bailful briest   3:18$1.00
How shall a young man   07.  Anonymous: How shall a young man   1:17$1.00
O dear, that I with thee might live   08.  Thomas Campion: O dear, that I with thee might live   3:06$1.00
View me Lord, a work of Thine   09.  Thomas Campion: View me Lord, a work of Thine   2:17$1.00
Recercar sesto   10.  Vincenzo Capirola: Recercar sesto   4:44$1.00
Spagna prima   11.  Vincenzo Capirola: Spagna prima   3:03$1.00
Tientalora   12.  Vincenzo Capirola: Tientalora   1:33$1.00
Author of light   13.  Thomas Campion: Author of light   2:07$1.00
In a garden so green   14.  Anonymous: In a garden so green   2:32$1.00
The time of youth   15.  att. John Fethy: The time of youth   4:44$1.00
Into a mirthful May morning   16.  Anonymous: Into a mirthful May morning   2:52$1.00
Remember me my deir   17.  Anonymous: Remember me my deir   2:41$1.00