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Composed for soloists, chorus, and orchestra by keyboard virtuoso Anthony Newman, the texts of the Angel Oratorio are taken from statements attributed to angels, not only in the Bible, but from many other sources of other religions.

Described by Wynton Marsalis as The High Priest of Bach, and by Time Magazine as The High Priest of the Harpsichord, Newman continues his 50 year career as America's leading organist, harpsichordist and Bach specialist.
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Anthony Newman: Angel Oratorio
Anthony Newman -  Composer
Mary Jane Newman - Conductor
Orchestra of Bedford Chamber Concerts
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Angel Oratorio by Anthony Newman
Overture01.I. Overture   2:37
Chorus - On the First Day God Created Angels02.II. Chorus - On the First Day God Created Angels   4:22
Aria -The Hymn03.III. Aria -The Hymn   4:58
Chorus - Radiant and Glorius04.IV. Chorus - Radiant and Glorius   4:16
Solo and Chorus - The Angel Appeared to Moses05.V. Solo and Chorus - The Angel Appeared to Moses   9:18
Aria - How Sweet the Moonlight06.VI. Aria - How Sweet the Moonlight   3:25
Chorus - Little Cherubs07.VII. Chorus - Little Cherubs   4:49
Chorus - Holy Is God08.VIII. Chorus - Holy Is God   3:47
Aria - Rage09.IX. Aria - Rage   3:28
Angel Hymn - Thou Fair-Haired Angel10.X. Angel Hymn - Thou Fair-Haired Angel   4:32
Agnus Dei11.XI. Agnus Dei   5:22
Who is Worthy12.XII. Who is Worthy   4:52
Chorus - Sanctus13.XIII. Chorus - Sanctus   2:21
Chorus - Hosanna14.XIV. Chorus - Hosanna   0:40
Ave Maria15.XV. Ave Maria   2:52
Chorus - Hail so Highly Favored16.XVI. Chorus - Hail so Highly Favored   4:27
Aria - Blow Your Trumpets Angels17.XVII. Aria - Blow Your Trumpets Angels   2:58
Chorus - Worthy Is the Lamb18.XVIII. Chorus - Worthy Is the Lamb   5:33
Total Playing Time: 1:14:37