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World premiere recording of internationally celebrated Russian composer Nikita Koshkin performing his own works for solo guitar.
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The Prince's Toys
Nikita Koshkin -  Guitar
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Prelude and Waltz: Homage to Segovia01.Prelude and Waltz: Homage to Segovia   4:51
Guitar02.Guitar   4:37
Rain03.Rain   4:35
Piece with Clocks04.Piece with Clocks   12:35
Usher-Waltz05.Usher-Waltz   6:05
The Prince's Toys by Nikita Koshkin
The Mischievous Prince06.I. The Mischievous Prince   2:22
The Mechanical Monkey07.II. The Mechanical Monkey   2:50
The Doll with Blinking Eyes08.III. The Doll with Blinking Eyes   5:02
Playing Soldiers09.IV. Playing Soldiers   2:43
The Prince's Coach10.V. The Prince's Coach   2:07
Grand Toys’ Parade11.VI. Grand Toys’ Parade   9:57