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Meaning ‘Without Words’, Sans Paroles is an album of all instrumental music, but the title also speaks to the depth of Necati and Mark’s musical connection. They are two musicians in synch with each other, seamlessly blending together though still maintaining distinct voices. Duo Tandem brings to life diverse styles of music from the brand new (“Four Postcards”) to re-imaginings of the old (“Nocturne No. 8”) as well as Americana (“Up!”) and a Tango collaboration with violinist Camilla Gregorovitch (“Suite Troileana”).
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Sans Paroles
Duo Tandem
Necati Emirzade - guitar
Mark Anderson - guitar
Label: Soundset Recordings
Item Number: SR1068
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2015
Astor Piazzolla: Suite Troileana
Zita   01.  I. Zita   4:28$1.00
Whiskey   02.  II. Whiskey   4:13$1.00
Radames Gnattali: Suite Retratos
I. Pixinguinha (choro)   03.  I. Pixinguinha (choro)   5:18$1.00
II. Ernesto Nazreth (valsa)   04.  II. Ernesto Nazreth (valsa)   5:16$1.00
IV. Chiquinha Gonzaga (corta jaca)   05.  IV. Chiquinha Gonzaga (corta jaca)   5:15$1.00
Nocturne No. 8   06.  Frédéric Chopin: Nocturne No. 8   5:18$1.00
David Gottlieb: Four Postcards
I. Rum and Alleyways   07.  I. Rum and Alleyways   2:35$1.00
II. Downpour and Bullet Ants   08.  II. Downpour and Bullet Ants   4:29$1.00
III. Boats and Crocs (the Live Kind)   09.  III. Boats and Crocs (the Live Kind)   3:23$1.00
IV. Winding Stairs and Swirling Seas   10.  IV. Winding Stairs and Swirling Seas   3:08$1.00
Grant Ferris: Up
I   11.  I   1:36$1.00
II.   12.  II.   2:09$1.00
III.   13.  III.   2:52$1.00
IV.   14.  IV.   1:56$1.00
Prelude   15.  Georges Aurie: Prelude   1:26$1.00
Valse   16.  Francis Poulenc: Valse   1:42$1.00
Romance sans Paroles   17.  Louis Durey: Romance sans Paroles   2:18$1.00