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Memories of Hope refers to the resilience displayed by children of the Holocaust. Mosteller and Rosine first collaborated on A Child in the Hole, and over the past decade has become an organic display of their sensitivity to each other when they perform. Since their first collaboration, they have explored traditional repertoire as well as a variety of pieces that range from sublime to ridiculous.
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Memories of Hope
Sorores Duo
Amy Rosine - soprano
Sandra Mosteller - clarinet
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Gordon Jacob: Three Songs for Soprano and Clarinet:
Of All the Birds that I Do Know01.I. Of All the Birds that I Do Know   1:50
Flow My Tears02.II. Flow My Tears   2:21
Ho, Who Comes Here?03.III. Ho, Who Comes Here?   1:21
Mátyás Seiber: Drei Morgenstern Lieder
Die Trichter04.I. Die Trichter   1:18
Das Knie05.II. Das Knie   1:27
Das Nasob06.III. Das Nasob   1:59
Lori Laitman: I Never Saw Another Butterfly
The Butterfly07.I. The Butterfly   4:36
Yes, That’s the Way Things Are08.II. Yes, That’s the Way Things Are   2:04
Birdsong09.III. Birdsong   3:20
In the Garden10.IV. In the Garden   1:59
Man Proposes, God Disposes11.V. Man Proposes, God Disposes   0:49
The Old House12.VI. The Old House   2:35
A Child in the Hole13.William Vollinger: A Child in the Hole   12:05
Total Playing Time: 37:44