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Nineteenth century Barcarolles, Mertz’s Le Gondolier and Coste’s depiction of the Lyson River in France, find a companion in Daniel Crozier’s modern invention. Romantic fantasies of Mertz, Coste, Manjón find a modern companion in Trent’s modern fantasy, as all are finally heard with the intended low bass notes. Album design: SwensonDesign Mpls, MN
Recording, Editing, and Mastering:
Paul Bensel
Columbia Recording
Columbia, MD

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Barcarolles and Fantasies
Robert Trent -  10-String Guitar
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La Source du Lyson01.Napoleon Coste: La Source du Lyson   9:47
Siren Song of Evil: Homage to J.R.R. Tolkien02.Robert Trent: Siren Song of Evil: Homage to J.R.R. Tolkien   8:52
Fantasia Gitana03.Antonio Jiménez Manjón: Fantasia Gitana   16:04
Barcarolle04.Daniel Crozier: Barcarolle   8:21
Fantaisie Hongroise05.Johann Kaspar Mertz: Fantaisie Hongroise   7:24
Fantaisie Originale06.Johann Kaspar Mertz: Fantaisie Originale   7:43
Le Gondolier07.Johann Kaspar Mertz: Le Gondolier   4:42
Total Playing Time: 1:02:53