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Soundset Recordings
This album is the result of six years of research and collaboration to produce the first Malaysian themed album featuring works for solo classical guitar.

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Tales from Malaysia: Between Two Worlds
Nathan Fischer
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Getaran Jiwa: Variations on a Malaysian Folk Song, Op. 12501.John Duarte: Getaran Jiwa: Variations on a Malaysian Folk Song, Op. 125   7:31
Salji02.Amirah Ali: Salji   4:06
Jong Jong Inai (Malaysian Traditional song)03.Paul Cesarczyk: Jong Jong Inai (Malaysian Traditional song)   1:05
Exile is Injury04.Tan HooI Song: Exile is Injury   5:51
Penyair05.AZ Samad: Penyair   3:50
Salam Rindu06.AZ Samad: Salam Rindu   2:09
Senja Mula Menangis07.AZ Samad: Senja Mula Menangis   3:22
On a Malaysian Song08.Andrew Zohn: On a Malaysian Song   5:07
Incantation of Ulek Mayang09.Sharifah Faizah Syed Mohammed: Incantation of Ulek Mayang   2:22
Malaysian Sunrise10.Vincent Lindsey-Clark: Malaysian Sunrise   1:09
Sia-Sia11.Patrick Terbrack: Sia-Sia   1:27
Malaysian Landscape12.Vincent Lindsey-Clark: Malaysian Landscape   1:17
Gubahanku13.John Duarte: Gubahanku   8:45
Total Playing Time: 48:01