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As agents of new repertoire, Égide Duo’s mission is to collaborate with composers to create and present music that addresses social change, including issues involving the environment/climate, animal and human rights, and equality. The duo aims to provide clear and pointed musical commentary on issues that affect our society today and tomorrow in an effort to draw attention to and encourage active public engagement on such issues.

Physical CD 15.99 US      Digital Download $10.00


Gone is Gone
Égide Duo
Joshua Gardner - Clarinet
Stefanie Gardner - Bass Clarinet
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The Bangui Anomaly01.Eric Mandat: The Bangui Anomaly   8:44
Jonathan Russell: This Homeless Way
A Shiver is All02.I. A Shiver is All   1:57
Am I Invisible03.II. Am I Invisible   4:18
This Homeless Way04.III. This Homeless Way   3:20
Kurt Mehlenbacher: Lost and Forgotten
The Salt River Running Dry05.I. The Salt River Running Dry   2:17
Prodoxidae06.II. Prodoxidae   1:27
The Joshua Tree07.III. The Joshua Tree   4:41
A Quick and Ceremonious Exodus08.IV. A Quick and Ceremonious Exodus   2:02
Duet for Clarinet and Bass Clarinet09.Steven Bryant: Duet for Clarinet and Bass Clarinet   7:01
John Steinmetz: Coal Seams
Under Ground10.I. Under Ground   3:10
The Devourer11.II. The Devourer   6:14
Gone is Gone12.III. Gone is Gone   4:34
Total Playing Time: 49:45