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No Ordinary Woman! Music by Gwyneth Walker
Sorores Duo
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Emily! (from New England) by Gwyneth Walker
My Letter to the World01.I. My Letter to the World   2:21
The Moon and the Sea02.II. The Moon and the Sea   2:19
The Frog in the Bog03.III. The Frog in the Bog   1:37
Hope (with Feathers)04.IV. Hope (with Feathers)   1:46
Passion05.V. Passion   2:30
Joy06.VI. Joy   2:55
All I Have to Bring07.VII. All I Have to Bring   1:45
A Joy Not Forgotten by Gwyneth Walker
A Memory08.I. A Memory   2:46
Peace Be with You09.II. Peace Be with You   3:20
Light Journey10.III. Light Journey   2:43
Listening11.IV. Listening   4:07
The Wings of a Dove by Gwyneth Walker
Tiny Swallow12.I. Tiny Swallow   4:09
The Lone, Wild Bird13.II. The Lone, Wild Bird   3:18
The Wings of a Dove14.III. The Wings of a Dove   4:31
The Windhover15.IV. The Windhover   3:22
Duets for Clarinet and Piano by Gwyneth Walker
Lively, with Energy16.I. Lively, with Energy   2:42
Quietly, Reflectively17.II. Quietly, Reflectively   3:32
Wanderer, A Rhythmic Song18.III. Wanderer, A Rhythmic Song   2:17
Rolling River19.IV. Rolling River   4:16
No Ordinary Woman! by Gwyneth Walker
Bones, Be Good20.I. Bones, Be Good   3:39
Turning21.II. Turning   3:22
Homage to My Hips22.III. Homage to My Hips   2:59
Homage to My Hair23.IV. Homage to My Hair   1:42
Interlude - Soliloquy, the Thirty-eighth Year24.V. Interlude - Soliloquy, the Thirty-eighth Year   5:53
Total Playing Time: 1:13:51