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Their first CD “… à deux” is the result of the special collaboration between Christian Laborde and Benoît Albert. The title of each track is like a clue, a trail to follow as in a childhood game, leading the listener to discover a new musical world.

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...A Deux
Duo Laborde-Albert: Guitar Duo
Christian Laborde - Guitar
Benoit Albert - Guitar
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L'égo Land01.Christian Labord, Benoît Albert: L'égo Land   4:06
Je dis 2302.Christian Labord, Benoît Albert: Je dis 23   4:03
Groovy-groova03.Christian Labord, Benoît Albert: Groovy-groova   3:45
Sucré-salé04.Christian Labord, Benoît Albert: Sucré-salé   4:05
A l'ancienne05.Christian Labord, Benoît Albert: A l'ancienne   4:36
Turkish Blues06.Christian Labord, Benoît Albert: Turkish Blues   4:00
Où est le 4?07.Christian Labord, Benoît Albert: Où est le 4?   3:36
Lever de rideaux08.Christian Labord, Benoît Albert: Lever de rideaux   4:32
Tuesday in the Evening09.Christian Labord, Dalila Azzouz: Tuesday in the Evening   4:35
Paris par ton10.Christian Labord, Benoît Albert: Paris par ton   2:49
Odal' oud11.Benoît Albert: Odal' oud   6:54
Total Playing Time: 47:01